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In every loss there is a gift.

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It may be hard to see and may not manifest for some time, but in loss there are gifts. Our lives are shattered. But then we realize we are given another chapter to write. We bring our love and our loss with us as we create our new selves, our Next Chapter. My award-winning memoir, The Wind Blows and the Flowers Dance, is a mixture of story, paintings, and poetry. In it I share my process of recreating, redefining, and reinventing myself. We do not heal alone. I offer my story to you as a contribution to your healing.

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Gratitude and Acceptance Leads to Healing

Winner of the Best Book Award in Health: Death & Dying, Best First Book Award New Mexico, International Book Award Finalist in Health: Death & Dying, Inspirational and Nonfiction.

We are meant to enjoy life as much as we can. But after losing someone so precious, how can we? How do we dig out of that sad place of deepest grief? You are not alone. Your feelings are valid. It is possible to be happy again.


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