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A Memoir of Gratitude & Acceptance

Winner of the 2021 Best Book Award in Health: Death & Dying, Best First Book Award New Mexico, International Book Award Finalist in Health: Death & Dying, Inspirational and Nonfiction.

We are meant to enjoy life as much as we can. But after losing someone so precious, how can we? How do we dig out of that sad place of deepest grief? You are not alone. Your feelings are valid. It is possible to be happy again.


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Watch an interview with Terre by the Friends of the Santa Fe Library


Meet Terre

My initial goal in writing The Wind Blows and the Flowers Dance: An Artist Shares Her Life from Loss to Renewal is of course, selfish—my own healing. It also is a part of Charlie's (my husband of forty years) legacy. However, independent of me, it quickly took on a larger focus. 


As I moved through grief and began to heal, I became aware something very important needed to be shared. I have the ability to positively impact healing in others by sharing my journey. Over the next four years of writing that commitment never flagged. I tested out passages on friends and editors. It grew from twenty essays to the book you see today, in three parts and expanded to include paintings and poetry. 


More than any other form of celebration upon its completion and publication has been a deep feeling of satisfaction as readers share their experience with me. This book is making a difference. Over and over people tell me this book has left them feeling more confident. It has given them hope. They are healing. 

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