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My name is Terre. My mother gave that unique spelling to me. It turns out that “terre” is French and Latin for earth. So, I tell people that my name is what grounds me or I would be a whirlwind. Because I am a woman with a lot of energy. I love to write, paint, garden, cook, and throw parties. I want to do it all! But each day starts with a meditation. I am an early riser and if I have a full day I am willing to go to bed early and get up earlier so there is always time to meditate.


A short meditation is what really grounds me, centers me and helps me focus on the present moment. Throughout the day I could be easily distracted if I didn’t stay focused and on task. Besides, creativity only takes place in the present moment. And it is juicy if I allow myself to be in the present. There is great satisfaction in seeing what is accomplished. And it is a way I can measure my personal growth: not by looking at what needs doing but by seeing what is already done.


And this includes struggles. Take a painting, for instance. Sometimes I think I am done, but there is just something not quite right. I will ask it, “What do you need?” and will always get an answer, but maybe not right away. Still, at the end of the day, there is satisfaction in watching it unfold as I prioritize the elements in the painting.


After my husband died, I was a deflated balloon. I didn’t know if the joy in my life, the energy, the risks I was willing to take was rooted in me or because of the security I found in my marriage. Today I can tell you that I have found within me the willingness to grow, to expand, and to try new things.


Although I discovered my own personal power, I could not have made the transition from loss and grief to the next new chapter of my life alone. Of course, I reached out to friends, family, support groups, therapists, and books. How did other widows do this? 


As I went through this process of self-discovery, I wrote, I painted, and I shared. My journey became my book, which became an example to others who were searching for their path. The reader is as much a part of my healing as I am to theirs. Our feelings get validated. There is a sense of companionship. We share our stories and we don’t feel so isolated. We have hope and we see possibilities for a rich and exciting next chapter in our lives.


My book, The Wind Blows and the Flowers Dance, has gone on to win numerous awards including Winner Best Book Awards, Best First Book New Mexico, and Finalist in the International Book Awards.


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